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Belly Dance for Birth
Book Cover

Belly Dance for Birth
DVD Cover

DVD is now available!! See bottom of this page...

Belly Dance for Birth
is proud to present two of Maha’s belly dance for pregnancy and birth products.

Belly Dance for BirthFirstly her AWARD winning world first book, Dance Of The Womb – The Essential Guide To Belly Dance For Pregnancy And Birth and now her follow on DVD, Dance Of The Womb – A Gentle Guide To Belly Dance For Pregnancy And Birth - which brings to life all of the belly dance techniques illustrated in her book plus a bonus feature – Maha’s home waterbirth at 46!

Maha has been bellydancing since childhood and teaching bellydancebirth® since 1997 in Byron Bay, Australia. She is also a doula (birth assistant) and has taught many, many women of all ages and stages of pregnancy this art of bellydance as a birthing preparation. Whilst pregnant with her first child she deeply reconnected with this, her cultural dance and joyously celebrates its beauty and timelessness as a sacred dance of the feminine.

The Dance of the Womb book interweaves a beautiful story of self discovery with basic, practical prenatal belly dance moves. Maha’s teaches in an earthy, non-judgmental, non-pretentious way. She shares her own journey toward motherhood through the eyes of her cultural perspective, helping pregnant and birthing women understand their strength through the art of belly dance and how it can be used as a tool toward empowered birth. It provides women with an opportunity to tune in to their primal feminine power and innate birthing knowledge, through utilizing belly dance as a birth dance in its most primal core. All belly dance moves are accompanied with detailed images and instructions which make belly dance and pregnancy easy to combine.

And so too Maha’s inspiring, hypnotic, and meditative DVD, Dance Of The Womb – A Gentle Guide To Belly Dance For Pregnancy And Birth – exercise component was filmed when Maha was pregnant with her third child in 2008. Follow Maha as she leads you through an easy, gentle and sensual pre natal exercise programme that includes a wonderful dance stretch warm up and six bellydancebirth® dance instructions from the circle to the hands and arms to the chest movements. Maha's style is more about the heart of belly dance rather than being performance based, which opens the way for women to freely participate in this ancient birthing practice without inhibition.

Maha’s DVD also celebrates and shares her wonderful homebirth experience at 46 years of age, utilizing her bellydancebirth® techniques in a lovely 50 minute film journey set against a lively background conversation with two midwives. Maha and the midwives discuss bellydancebirth®, natural and empowered birth and many other educational birthing topics that open up a well of ideas and inspirations for all pregnant women to consider.

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Maha's DVD has been endorsed by The National Association Of Childbirth Educators 2009. Endorser Dr Jane Svensson says:

Dance of the Womb, both book and DVD, would have to be the most captivating work I have seen in a long time. The stretches, the moves, bring belly dance to life and will inspire many who participate not only for pregnancy but for life. The National Association Of Childbirth Educators Product Endorsement panel were unanimous in our decision to endorse both book and DVD - they are excellent resources. Good luck, Maha.

Dr Jane Svensson, Chair of Further Education Committee, NACE

"Birth unites women in the power of oneness; the extraordinary gift we deeply share as mothers.
Bellydance for birth reflects this very same essence of life and love."

The BellydanceBirth® book and DVD - 'Dance of the Womb ARE NOW AVAILABLE - ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!


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